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About Armanovus

Arma | arma : tools/technologies,
Novus : new/cutting-edge

Armanovus is all-about deploying the latest technologies in User Experience (UX) to solve business problems, hence our motto "Cutting-edge Technologies for Better Productivity".
Another thing that we are passionate about is Data Visualization; consuming vast amount of data, processing them, and displaying "What Matters" visually. more

On The Lab
Pemilu.TV is our Proof-of-Concept on Data Visualization. Parsing data from KPU's Tabulasi Nasional and displaying them in a Map, showing how many votes each of the 44 Parties get in each Voting District (Dapil). more

They Say

Risman Adnan

Kompas E-Paper is very sleek and robust. one of the best silverlight based web app. indeed a cutting edge technology for better productivity. Congrats Armanovus.

Kompas uses Zinius for its ePaper
Kompas E-Paper selalu di-update dari sisi performance dan features. Salut untuk komitmen Armanovus.